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John Bauer

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John Bauer  Knitted Bonnet Ceramic Form  i
John Bauer  Knitted Bonnet Ceramic Form  ii
John Bauer  Knitted Bonnet Ceramic Form  iii
John Bauer Gallery Image
John Bauer
John Bauer Ceramics
John Bauer  Look at me Mama I am fliying
John Bauer  Your Closet Your Closet  Boo lets hide and not speak
John Bauer  There have been many adventures and may there be many more
John Bauer   Man and Woman
John Bauer   Donkey
John Bauer  Guidance is an Honour
John Bauer  You will only hear what I said in 5 lifetimes
John Bauer  with Robben Island Shoe Print
John Bauer  Nothing is Worth Dying for other than Natural Causes
John Bauer  Never subcontract love or happiness
John Bauer  Hold me through the night, did you ever think that we would fall in love
John Bauer  Love
John Bauer     Green with blue pattern inlay
John Bauer    Man in Profile
John Bauer Blowing Bubbles


John Bauer (b.1978)  Cape Town S.A.

John Bauer an established potter lives and works in Cape Town. Collections can be seen at the Modern Artists Gallery UK and Anthropologie USA

'Never Subcontract  Love or Happiness.  We all look for someone more complete. We reach, we hope, we try to love we are loved'     John Bauer

John Bauer pushes the limits of what is technically possible in ceramics.   A sentimentalist, he salvages antique crochet cloth, linens and lace and makes these materials immortal by recreating them, stitch by stitch, in porcelain.  He is able to enlarge them to gigantic proportions or offers them in an extreme diminutive form. 

There is always a surprise factor in his work. It is full of light and translucency.    Using the inspiration of netsuke, old coins, flowers, found objects and dolls to embellish his work. Bauer's signature bowls carry his artwork of mythical creatures and angels whispering words of wisdom and love. 

John Bauer originally inspired by accounts he read of the pottery of the Ming Dynasty from China (4-5 centuries BC) states  'Archaeologists digging up these ceramics came across the same recurring designs where a sophisticated production technique was being used which enabled the artists to create a multitude of works of refinement and quality,   That sparked my imagination, I hope archaeologists of the future will  think the same of my work. I'd like them to puzzle over the technique I was employing too;   A combination of ancient techniques and contemporary ideas.'


Modern Artists Gallery UK

Anthropologie USA

Crown Prince Abu Dhabi

William Humphrey Museum - Kimberly Northern Cape South Africa - National Collection

Iziko Collection  Iziko Museum South Africa - National Collection.


Smithsonian's Catalogue on Contemporary Craft

John Bauer

Author: Lloyd Pollack-Arthrob.ZA

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