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Will Teather

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Will Teather (b.1980)

Education: Central St Martins & Chelsea College of Art & Design.

British artist Will Teather is well known for creating images that reveal a unique imagination combined with a mastery of traditional skills. His paintings and drawings often depict curious characters caught up in uncanny situations. Influenced by magical realism and lifting motifs from diverse sources such as Flemish still life, baroque art and Weimar painters, the artist enters into direct conversation with the history of painting with the aim of bringing a contemporary sensibility to the table.


Title: The Moon has Lost his Memory

Inspired by Rhapsody to a Windy Night by T.S. Elliot

"The two girls are from the play Earnest and the Pale Moon by Les Enfants Terrible. The play is about two characters bewitched by the moon. Some paintings in the series were featured in Les Enfants Terrible book of collected plays. The artwork also reflects my ongoing interest in duality and chiaroscuro effects. One feature of the moon a rare self portrait" Teather

Will Teather paintings form part of an ongoing body of work, that was presented as an installation at Chelsea College of Art and Design, including artefacts such as posters, costumes and castings of the protagonists within this saga.

Maudeline Spacks, named after the "Maud" of Tennyson's poem of the same name, is a vanishing artist and femme fatale. Her erstwhile persona is the performance artist, Dot Howard ( Maudeline's tour de force was a duel show at Sydney Opera House and the Royal Opera House London, where she performed in both venues at the same time. A video link up broadcast the concurrent shows in real-time to each venue. During the course of her Magnus Opus, Maud became lost in transit somewhere between the London and Sydney, never to be seen again. Incidentally, Charlie Chaplin was once spotted in 800 simultaneous sightings across America.

There is speculation that there was one further siting of Maud, a few hours after the performance, outside a house in Pimlico talking to a man in a dark fedora hat. The man fits the description of Andrew Plummer, of World Sanguine Report, ( ). Plummer was infatuated by Maud, like most people who met her, and reportedly heartbroken when his advances were refused during rehearsals. I met Plummer when I was commissioned to paint the stage set and publicity images for Maud's performance, for which he was one of the support acts. In hindsight, the paintings seem to have foreseen Maud being kidnapped by Plummer and falling into an interstice, a sort of lacuma, where she becomes "Schroedinger's cat," so to speak. At this point one should turn to Siouxsie and the Banshees for elucidation:

"She tries not to shatter,kaleidoscope style
personality changes behind her red smile
every new problem brings a stranger inside
helpessly forcing one more new disguise

Christine-the strawberry girl
Christine-banana split lady
Christine-the strawberry girl
Christine sees her faces unfurl"


Finalist Cork Street London Open Exhibition - three consecutive years

International Celeste Prize 2009 - shortlisted


Matthew Bourne (choreographer/ director)

Peter Stephen (Lord Provost of Aberdeen)

Ana Silvera

Aude Gotto Collection

The Wolterton & Mannington Estate.

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